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Jay Kim
Business Origination Director, South-Korea

About Us

Born February 1984, A Korean national, Mr Kim is Business Origination Director for Delamore & Owl Group of Companies. He is born in South-Korea, and grew up in South-America, Suriname, where his father Mr Philip Kim, met and joined D&O since 2000, as representative for Asia countries. During his father working period, Jay, quickly adapted the D&O business, and joined after his graduation in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South-Korea. Under the guideline and teaching from the director of D&O group, Sanjeev Kumar, he managed to originate the business in different sector, like commodities trading, business consulting, and business exploitation.

During his college years, he have been involved in Event, Promotion, Club Consulting, Advertisement, Translating, Trading Company, which became helpful to launch D&O group owned brand, SOCCERade and RUNade in South-Korea.

His experience and knowledge of the domestic market, for branding, promotion expertise, sales, and ability to speak 3 different languages, such as Korea, English and Dutch, which makes the communication easier for business development and consulting projects in Korea.

Specialities: Management, Business Development & Consulting, Promotion, F&B Sector, Entertainment

Contact: jay@delamoregroup.com