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Mrs. Hae Sook Park
CEO, Delamore P & P Investment Co., Ltd. Republic of Korea

About Us

Before joining the team at Delamore Owl Group of Companies (D & O), Mrs. Hae Sook Park has been successfully executing G-to- G and B-to- B projects among Korea and Asian countries including of Indonesia for more than 20 years. She has over two decades of experiences in natural resources development , energy ,bio & health care , ICT, broadcasting etc. She has made efforts to combine Korea’s achievements in economic development and high technologies with Industrialisation developing Asian countries.

In Aug. 2015, Delamore P & P Investment Co., Ltd. (Delamore P & P) was established in Korea. Since then, she has been expanding businesses globally to other countries including the European Union in collaboration with D & O.

Specialities: Natural Resources Development, Business Development, Investment, Marketing among others.

Contact: hspark@delamoregroup.com