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Raúl Estremera (J.D., M.B.A.)
Country Head - Spain

About Us

With more than ten years of practice as attorney at law, Raúl Estremera has spent his last four years to operational and management activities in construction and trading fields.

He has a Bachelor's Degree in Law at Zaragoza University and a M.B.A., after completing his MBA Raul focused on construction and marketing in Spain. He has been helping corporate leaders in Spain to do business in different markets internationally as way to say competitive. His experience and business acumen is key to continually advancing D&O to new levels of global competence from the Head Office in Spain.

As a seasoned professional, Raúl has a deep calling in law, interest in market, good work ethic and a commitment to the cultural, social and political reality at a national and international level.
Raúl is fluent in Spanish and English and now is learning Arabic.

Contact: raul@delamoregroup.com