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Francisco Xavier Lopes Da Cruz
Chairman - Indonesia

About Us

Francisco Xavier Lopes Da Cruz was born in East Timor. A seasoned career diplomat and a top negotiator. He has also served as adviser to various Indonesian presidents. He studied philosophy at the University of Macau and served in the Portuguese army in the fight against the FRELIMO Mozambique. Lopes da Cruz became the new President of the UDT. He called for a gradual pre-accession of Portuguese Timor to independence. In August 1975 the UDT tried to take over Portuguese Timor power with a coup in the colony. On December 7, 1975, Indonesia began a large scale invasion of East Timor and occupied the country. On 31 May 1976, an people's Assembly of the Indonesian intelligence service selected adopted with all 37 votes a petition for the connection to the neighbouring country without referendum. Lopes da Cruz was part of the delegation, which brought the petition to the Indonesian President Suharto. 17 July 1976 East Timor was annexed officially province Timor Timur of Indonesia as the 27. On August 4., Lopes da Cruz was appointed the Lieutenant Governor of Timor Timur. He retained the Office held until 1982. Lopes was da Cruz served as a Special Advisor on East Timor to the president of Indonesia.

He was later appointed to serve as the ambassador of Indonesia to Europe. He has served the office of president of Indonesia as an Ambassador of Indonesia for more than 15 years in several countries including Greece, Portugal and others.

He retired after his diplomatic mission in Portugal. And is now the Chairman of Delamore and Owl Group of Companies for Indonesia.

Contact: lopes@delamoregroup.com